SEA MOIST COMPLEX® is a perfectly balanced composition for skin and hair care.

Skin care:
SEA MOIST COMPLEX acts as an extremely potent moisturizer. It provides the skin with its ideal level of moisture and nutritive minerals. It helps maintain the hydration state of the skin all day long and regulate the skin homeostasis. It improves the structural integrity of the stratum corneum and the epidermal\r\nbiosynthetic functions of dry skin.

Hair care:
SEA MOIST COMPLEX is also highly effective in protecting and repairing against dryness, what helps enhance gloss and restore shine. Therefore, SEA MOIST COMPLEX is an ingredient of choice to treat and protect dry skin and hair.

INCI Name: water (and) Glycerin (and) Hydrolyzed red algae exract (and) sea water
Ingredient Categories: Actives by GELYMA