SEA HEATHER® works through mechanisms which prevent the lipid peroxidation and inflammatory responses.

It can enter cells and inhibit various reactive oxidative species involved in the non enzymatic pathway of the lipid peroxidation, especially the most reactive species: hydroxyl and alkoxyl radicals.

On that account, it protects against cellular lysis. It also prevents inflammation by inhibiting of both phospholipase A2, (thereby limits the production of arachidonic acid) and 5-lipoxygenase, (thereby limits the production of leukotrienes).

This makes SEA HEATHER an excellent ingredient for products aimed at helping to reduce irritation, soothing the skin and improving the comfort of reactive and sensitive skins.


INCI Name: water (and) Cystoceira Amentacea/caespitose/brachycarpa Extract
Ingredient Categories: Actives by GELYMA