PAE Complex® Hydration and Repair is a water soluble complex that provides numerous key attributes for use in skin applications. PAE Complex® Hydration and Repair is easily added to formulations without the additional step of neutralization. Thanks to the properties of its ingredients, PAE Complex® Hydration and Repair will exfoliate, moisturize, and soothe the skin allowing the active ingredient to penetrate more evenly and deeply to increase its efficacy.

PAE Complex® Hydration and Repair includes the innovative active, OCEA CARE®. This active utilizes the brown seaweed Laminaria saccharina which has been submitted to a biotechnological process in order to favour the bioaccumulation of Boron, known to have important roles in wound healing at low concentrations. OCEA CARE® combines Glycerin, Laminaria saccharina extract and Arginine to restore skin integrity by targeting several mechanisms involved in all three phases of normal wound healing, stimulating the proliferation of skin cells and maintaining skin hydration.

INCI Name: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and Glycerin and Phytic Acid and Laminaria Saccharina Extract
Ingredient Categories: Biosil PAE Complex