ALGYL® is a skin care ingredient which can improve the efficiency of the skin barrier with intelligent ways of action, thanks to the conjugated properties of three red seaweeds (Gigartina stellata, Kappaphycus alvarezii, Corallina officinalis) in synergism with glycerin. Recommended applications include facial treatments for dehydrated skin, specific day-care treatments for dry, damaged or mature skin, and sun care and after-sun products.

INCI Name: Water (and) Glycerin (and) Gigartina Stellata/Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract (and) Corallina Officinalis Extract
Ingredient Functions: Anti oxidant, moisturizers, skin soothing, skin maintenance
Ingredient Categories: Actives by Gelyma, Natural Origin


ENTADINE® is a skincare active based on Entada Phaseoloides bark/seed extract. It reduces sun-induced skin damage by boosting skin natural defenses and immunity to prevent sunburn consequences and skin premature aging. Cosmetic applications include sun protection, anti-photoaging, anti-inflammation, hydration and firming, and prevention of photo-induced spots.

INCI Name: Entada Phaseoloides bark/seed extract
Ingredient Functions: Anti Oxidant, Anti inflammation, DNA & skin protection, skin maintenance
Ingredient Categories: Actives by Exsymol, Natural Origin


FIRM’ACT® targets adaptive defensive stress response through hormesis-based prevention, up-regulates the gene expression of unique markers involved in the adaptive cellular stress response for maximizing protective effects, strengthens the dermal structure for boosting the extracellular matrix maintenance, increases skin antioxidant capacity & protects against UV-induced damage. Firm’Act also delays facial skin sagging & increases skin firmness for a more toned and better protected skin.

INCI Name: water (and) Himanthalia elongata extract (and) Fucus vesiculosus extract (and) Saccharamyces cerevisiae extract
Ingredient Categories: Actives by GELYMA


PHYCO-DERM® Takes care of the delicate area around the eyes Stimulates the major defense systems for increasing resistance against environmental stressors. Improves the dermis properties
for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles of crow’s feet. Minimizes the appearance of under-eye dark circles
for erasing the look of fatigue. Reduces the volume of under-eye bags for alleviating skin puffiness.

INCI Name: water (and) Glycerin (and) Undaria pinnatifida extract (and) Corallina officinalis extract
Ingredient Categories: Actives by GELYMA


REDIVINE® uses the benefits of red vine leaves to stimulation micro-circulation, anti-oxidant and anti-elastase activity, and improve astringent activity. It prepares skin for facing urban pollution, for limiting toxin accumulation, and for preventing cell intoxication and premature aging. Cosmetic applications include anti-pollution, skin detoxification, anti-oxidative stress, sensitive skin (dermo-cosmetics), and anti-aging.

Ingredient Functions: Anti Oxidant, Anti pollution, skin maintenance
Ingredient Categories: Actives by Exsymol, Natural Origin


SLIMAGINE® provides total fat control by reducing adipogenesis, inhibiting lipogenesis, stimulating lipolysis, and preventing the formation of adipocyte lobules. The synergy between all these activities results in long-lasting slimming benefits. It can effectively treat the unpleasant results of weight changes, root out rebellious cellulite, and smooth and tone the skin. Cosmetic applications include full body slimming and anti-aging slimming.

Ingredient Functions: Slimming, Skin Elasticity
Ingredient Categories: Actives by Exsymol, Natural Origin


SOLEXYL® was developed by Exsymol in order to fight UVs. This active molecule inspired by nature is capable of opposing the UV noxious effects in several
complementary ways:
– It absorbs UV and therefore decreases the direct damages of these rays
– It negates the indirect noxious effects of UV by opposing free radicals
– It prevents the isomerization of Trans-UCA into Cis-UCA hence preventing the apparition
of side effects caused by it.
Furthermore SOLEXYL provides long lasting benefits as it is naturally recycled into and from
Entadamide A, a completely safe natural UV absorber and anti-inflammatory compound found
in tropical liana, for further sun protection.

INCI Name: Hydroxyethyl-methylthiopropenamide
Ingredient Categories: Other