Biosil Technologies is proud to announce availability of the following new ingredients:


ALGYL® is a skin care ingredient which can improve the efficiency of the skin barrier with intelligence.


ENTADINE® is a skincare active based on Entada Phaseoloides bark/seed extract.


REDIVINE® stimulates micro-circulation, anti-oxidant and anti-elastase activity, and improves astringent activity.


SLIMAGINE® reduces adipogenesis, inhibiting lipogenesis, stimulating lipolysis, and preventing the formation of adipocyte lobules.


Firm’Act® increases skin antioxidant capacity & protects against UV-induced damage while also delaying facial skin sagging & increasing skin firmness for a more toned and better protected skin.


Phyco’Derm® takes care of the delicate area around the eyes, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles of crow’s feet while minimizing the appearance of under-eye dark circles.


Solexyl® decreases the direct damages of UV rays and provides a host of benefits such as: Anti-inflammatoryAntioxidantDNA & skin protectionskin maintenance.