EMULZOME® is designed for preparing cosmetics with the same aspect and quality as classical emulsions by simply adding a gelified phase. The first interest of EMULZOME is the possibility to formulate stable emulsion-like products free of surfactant: these products are strongly indicated for sensitive skins and eye contour area, and also for liposome formulation which stability will directly depends on the absence of surfactant.

EMULZOME is a base dispersion, which must be diluted with aqueous or oily gels to adjust viscosity. The quantity of EMULZOME used depends on the result desired.

INCI Name: Mineral Oil (and) Hydrogenated Polyisobutene (and) Stearyl Heptanoate (and) water
Ingredient Categories: Emulzomes


SOLEXYL® was developed by Exsymol in order to fight UVs. This active molecule inspired by nature is capable of opposing the UV noxious effects in several
complementary ways:
– It absorbs UV and therefore decreases the direct damages of these rays
– It negates the indirect noxious effects of UV by opposing free radicals
– It prevents the isomerization of Trans-UCA into Cis-UCA hence preventing the apparition
of side effects caused by it.
Furthermore SOLEXYL provides long lasting benefits as it is naturally recycled into and from
Entadamide A, a completely safe natural UV absorber and anti-inflammatory compound found
in tropical liana, for further sun protection.

INCI Name: Hydroxyethyl-methylthiopropenamide
Ingredient Categories: Other