Face and Body Sun Protective Lotion

This Est.SPF25 Sunscreen formulation is based on an oil and water emulsion. Biosil Basics I-90 is the key emulsifier for this luxurious system to provide excellent spreadability and skin feel resulting in uniform SPF protection. Additional UVA protection is achieved by incorporating Helinori, a natural marine derived ingredient into the formulation.  This ingredient is a genuine UVA bio-protector based on the efficacy of special marine compounds.

Formulation Expertise: Sunscreens

Photoprotection Day Cream PS3-189

This elegant formulation is designed as a day cream to provide an efficient protection against the damaging effects of sun exposure. SUN’ALG offers free radical scavenger potential that helps to prevent signs of premature aging and protect the skin against damaging effects of sun exposure. ENTADINE is a skincare active based on Entada Phaseoloides bark/seed extract. It reduces sun-induced skin damage by boosting skin natural defenses and immunity to prevent sunburn consequences and skin premature aging. Biosil EFA provides essential fatty acids.